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Speak Up, Speak Out - Public Speaking Training on March 4th and 18th

Standing up in front of a crowd, or even just a few people, to deliver a speech or a presentation is something that many of us find difficult, even intimidating. While it's certainly true that public speaking and presentation skills are a great asset and can really impress employers, interviewers and also your lecturers, even the best of us could benefit from some practice and some tips. If you're interested in boosting your public speaking skills then our upcoming Speak Up, Speak Out sessions are for you, whether you're an experienced speaker, or even if you haven't done a single classroom presentation before.

Public speaking can be daunting!

The sessions are free to all of the QEP employees. You can apply for as many sessions as you wish and you'll need to search and apply for the sessions at Reach Training Cell.

Speak Up, Speak Out will run on the following dates:

4th June 12-2pm, JS2-75, QEP Campus

24th June 12-2pm, Steelcons Campus

Finally, don't forget to check out the sessions offered in association with the company's Counselling Service.

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